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Brand Story

ArtiFex, was found by BanYan Institute of Precision Engineering, a manufacturer focus on metal fabrication for decades. Categories of functional and exquisite products were presented to metal product lovers. ArtiFex came from Fe, the chemical element of iron. It represented the materials what we used. And it also indicated all the fine products made by best artisans in Taiwan. Based on over 30-year of metalworking, ArtiFex would like to lead the trend of metal fashion.


Brand Concept

ArtiFex dedicated to producing fine metal products. The product line combine with sleek design, functions and collectible, all nice delicate products go through lots of handmade treatment by our craftsmen. They are made for everyday carrying fashion.

We create a metal trend with new looks for value-added products. From old and heavy to sleek and avant-garde , metal is trending in fashion. The design thinking begins from materials, manufacture process, surface treatment and package ….etc. We created functional crafts and collectibles instead of common mass production tools. Add one of the durable accessories from ArtiFex, the name of aesthetic metal products.


Tagline - Inspire Your FEeling -

What can you expect from ArtiFex? Expertise. Quality. Touch. Value. ArtiFex combine the feeling of FE(element of iron) and the Artisans. It expresses the first impression of our metal products. Unique in design and quality, multi layer treatment in manufacturing process, ArtiFex inspires the love of metal crafts.

- About BanYan-

BanYan is a certificated ISO 9001 manufacturer, and the manufacturing process of surface treatment meets RoHS compliance.  We keep sharpening our skills on crafts and making remarkable progress on to deliver more high quality products for ArtiFex and Desk+1.

BanYan Institute of Precision Engineering Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of steel case. Our services include samples, pilot run and varieties of small quantities. What makes us outstanding in metal manufacturing? Not only high quality products, but also precision and expertise. We can satisfy our clients integrated service from design to manufacture high quality metalworking. Based on decades of experiences in metal crafts, BanYan started to build up its own brands. Desk+1 develop with series of high end stationery, and ArtiFex is focus on high quality metal products.


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